Laura Carey – Chief Experience Officer

1 mins 27 May 2022

I joined FSP just shy of my 18th birthday. Knowing absolutely nothing about IT, FSP took a chance on me anyway. I joined as an Office Junior and throughout many re-inventions & opportunities over the years, I am now proudly the Partner for People Operations. 

Fast forward 15 years, FSP has been by my side for pretty much half of my life. When I reflect on that time, I think of all the big milestones and how they have impacted and changed my purpose at FSP. Being at FSP is not about earning money or doing a ‘good’ job, it’s the impact it has on my life, the journey I chose to be on, how it feels and the kind of people I want to be around each day. From getting married, buying our first house, birthing babies, losing loved ones, FSP has been by my side through it all. I feel such gratitude to FSP for supporting me through the good and the tough times. I will be forever grateful to our founders for investing time in mentoring me, encouraging me and taking time to not only understand my personal and career aspirations, but giving me the belief to achieve them and beyond! 

My FSP journey continues to be meaningful and I will forever be proud of the work we collectively do and have done for our colleagues, our clients, our planet and our community.