Manik Singh – Partner, Client Solutions

2 mins 18 May 2022

It was back in 2012 when FSP entered my life. This was at a time when I was not 100% sure where my career was going and I was feeling very frustrated with the lack of pace in the project environment I was in, as well as the lack of opportunity to make the impact I knew I was capable of.

After a few conversations with FSP that left me very impressed, and a resulting job offer into consulting, I broke with the usual cautious me and left a stable job at a well-established company to join the (back then) ‘small start-up’ with no more than 10 people. It was the potential and the challenge of being part of something which had great potential, that excited me!

Fast forward 10 years and having had the privilege to work in roles that include Senior Developer, Senior Architect and Client Lead, I am now leading the Service & Support function and a Partner in the leadership team working for an organisation that’s bigger than when I joined. From competing AND winning against well-established names in the industry, to working in partnership with excellent clients across a variety of industries – I’ve not even mentioned all the awards we’ve won along the way.

Reflecting on my ten years at FSP would take way too long, so here’s my attempt to sum things up:

  • Being part of FSP is an exciting journey, meeting and working with fantastic colleagues and clients whilst tackling plenty of challenging projects and learning a lot along the way.
  • FSP expects performance, hard work and results, but never at the cost of its individuals or its clients.
  • It is FSP’s values, high demands and challenge-the-norm attitude that us, as FSP employees and our amazing clients, benefit from.

I am super proud of working for a company with such high and demonstrable integrity and care. I have been able to be myself throughout the entire journey. I can look back on great company shared, as well as personal achievements, whilst I’m also really excited about the great future for FSP and myself.