Natasha Gill – Senior Delivery Manager

2 min 1 February 2023

I joined FSP 5 months ago as a Delivery Manager. I was ready for a change, looking for a new environment, the chance to meet new people and the opportunity to work with a range of clients.  

Prior to FSP, my early career started in technical consulting working for a global tech giant within the Microsoft practice. Here, I found my passion in working on projects of all shapes and sizes, engaging with a diverse range of interesting customers.  

I was fortunate to have had a varied path, starting with the more hands-on technical aspect, specialising in the design and implementation of SharePoint projects. This led to me working as part of a team to grow a SharePoint solutions practice. I soon felt it was time to give back, which led to me recruiting a large team of graduate technology consultants and coaching them on how to provide value to customers. 

Family was my focus at this point, and by the time I’d had my second child, I felt a powerful desire to contribute my efforts towards a different purpose. I then went on to work for a public sector organisation whose purpose was centred on driving UK growth in innovation. Here, I carved out my delivery management experience with a business change lens, working primarily with internal stakeholders. This varied journey made me feel ready to return to consulting. I was then approached by FSP. 

Unsure of what to expect, my curiosity grew as I researched the company further. What stood out, was seeing that FSP’s foundational success is largely due to its cultural values. I’d learned that Simon Grosse, our CEO, stood strong on ensuring FSP’s strategic direction did not compromise its culture. Instead, corporate decisions worked in harmony with their values – which I think can usually be quite rare to find in practice. Whilst feeling apprehensive about joining a far smaller organisation compared to what I’d ever been used to, it was very assuring so see that the values at FSP are not just a set of words decorating the walls, but that people do naturally live and breathe them. Every interaction between colleagues and clients is about being genuine, showing compassion and working hard to achieve win-win outcomes. 

I am really pleased to be part of an organisation who care for more than just technology in this age of digital transformation. I love seeing the human touch, the passion, and the care we have for the work we deliver, for supporting communities and charity, for our efforts in making a positive impact on the environment, all whilst maintaining strong ambition. Our team enjoy what we do, we have heaps of fun and love celebrating personal and professional successes.

It is this kind of culture that raises the bar and creates a positive impact on the work we deliver to our customers.